Andrew Cross Film Awards

It was a great honour we recieved news that the film "A Diary of Revival" had been shortlisted for the final in the best "Video" category at the "Andrew Cross Churches Media Council Awards". Emyr Jones Huw Priday , Tony Waters and Trevor Burgess all made the journey to the Swanick Derbyshire.

The film, “A Diary of Revival”, tells the story of Evan Roberts the great preacher of the 1904 Welsh religious awakening. 2004 was the centenary of the revival, 1904Ltd produced this moving film that subsequently impressed the judges of the awards, which also attracted entries from BBC, ITV and S4C.

At the ceremony they all waited eagerly as the nominations for the video catergory were read out and you could cut the suspense with a knife as they opened the winners envelope and read out the words "A Diary of Revival"



Huw Priday

Huw Sings I hear Thy Welcome Voice (In English, Welsh andKorean)

Huw Priday

Click to see Huw sing "Here is Love"


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